Music Ministry

St. Malachy has a wide variety of opportunities in music ministry: cantors, organists, pianists, violinists, guitar players and choirs. For questions or for more information please contact Hector Salcedo. Click the links below to discover how you can become involved, or to view resources for active music ministers.

Dear Parishioners,

It is written in the Catholic Church Documents that the assembly should be taught to sing in Latin, either the responses in dialogue with the priest, or the most common chants.  Since Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church, during this Advent period at the weekend Masses we will sing two of the most common chants – the Sanctus (Holy, Holy) and the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God).  You may be familiar with these having heard them in the Papal Masses.  They are from the “Missa de Angelis” – “Mass of the Angels”.  
This Mass setting is one of the most commonly used by the Church in Rome and one of the most popular.  It was composed between the eleventh and twelfth centuries.  It will be very exciting to sing something that our ancestors sang during the Eucharistic celebrations and something that is still sung in many places.
Of course this involves learning these chants, so I made a video with the music score and some indications about how to pronounce the words in Latin.
You can see the video in the link below.  You may have to watch it more than once to practice and learn these beautiful and ancient chants. Psalm 95 tells us to “sing with joy to the Lord”.  By making an effort to learn this music, we have the opportunity to sing the same song together as did our ancestors in faith centuries ago.

The links are the following:


Agnus Dei

+ Get Involved With Music Ministry

Opportunities to participate in Music Ministry

  • Adult Choir
    A group of adults under the direction of Yvonne Nichols who sing 2-3 Masses per month. The choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings and is always pleased to have new members. Contact Yvonne Nichols for more information.
  • Children's Choir
    A group of children grades 3rd through 8th who sing once a month. They are directed by Mike Acquaviva and practice once a week on Sunday evenings. Contact Mike Acquaviva for more information.
  • Youth Ensemble
    A small group of high school youth who provide music for the monthly youth Mass. If interested please contact Jeff Stankovsky.
  • Guitar Ensemble
    A group of adults consisting of guitar, flute, piano and a few vocalists. They provide music for Mass three times each month. Please contact Bill Pierce for more information.
  • Accompanists
    If you are interested in providing organ or piano music for Masses contact Hector Salcedo.
  • Instrumentalists
    If you play an instrument that would enhance the liturgical music at our Masses, please contact Hector Salcedo about opportunities to get involved.
  • Cantors
    Cantors lead the congregation in song. A cantor may sing alone or in a small group. Vocalists are also needed to sing at weddings and funerals. Contact Hector Salcedo for questions and to volunteer.

+ NPM Planning Calendar

The National Pastoral Musicians maintain a website of song suggestions based on the Sunday readings each week.  Click the link below to view their selections.


Music Planning Suggestions

+ Musician Contact List

+ Listen to the Mass settings we use at St. Malachy

Beginning in September, we will be introducing a new Mass setting at St. Malachy.  It is called the "Mass of Christ the Savior."  Click the link below to hear the new setting.

Mass of Christ the Savior

In 2012 we introduced the "Mass from Age to Age."

Mass fom Age to Age

Together with the Indianapolis Archdiocese, we began using the "Storrington Mass" as soon as the Revised Roman Missal was introduced.

Storrington Mass 

+ Song Selection Sheet

On any given Sunday we use the same Psalm, the same Mass setting, and one common hymn between the four Masses.  The rest of the music is selected by each individual ensemble. 

+ Music Ministry Schedule

At this time, please contact Hector Salecedo to give him the dates you are available during the months of March, April and May.