Own It Club


Boys are empowered to stand up against social cruelty, humiliation, and physical violence so they can make their school communities safe.

The sessions have the following objectives:

  • Identify and discuss behaviors and attitudes associated with groups, popularity, trust, exclusion, and bullying
  • Understand anger and how it can influence behavior and learn a strategy to enable them to communicate in conflict and other difficult situations
  • Develop a plan of action when a friend or group demeans them or someone else.
  • Recognize the influence of popular culture on individuals’ behavior and decision making.
  • Examine how a boy’s self-image affects behavior and attitudes toward others.
  • Understand the concept of reputations and the challenges in staying away from gossip.
  • Define cyber bullying, understand its impact, and brainstorm solutions.
  • Promote understanding of the difference between healthy and abusive relationships.
  • Identify and strengthen support networks and personal standards of dignity.

Come join us! We meet the second Tuesday of every month in Mrs. Abdoulaye’s room and we always have snacks!  See Mrs. Kennison for questions.