Grow Closer Through Clover

Sharing and Deepening Our Faith Through Six Guiding Principles

At St. Malachy, our mission in faith is to help one another get to heaven by growing in holiness and seeking God’s will in our lives. Our faith family is committed to sharing in each other’s joys, supporting each other through our sorrows, and celebrating the love of Christ that binds us together. 

Yet, the world today seeks to distract us from God’s call for our lives, keeping us from being the best version of ourselves and from the freedom and joy found in Christ. Oftentimes, society calls our faith and its teaching irrelevant to the modern world. But we know better than to believe these claims. We know the true peace that comes from listening to Our Father and following His word. 

Our faith teaches us the many ways we can remain focused on our pursuit of God’s love and greater holiness. To guide us at St. Malachy, we have identified six helpful principles, which we remember and refer to as CLOVER:

  • Confession: Regularly using the sacrament of reconciliation to renew and strengthen our spirits
  • Life: Advocating for the dignity of every human person, all of whom are made in God’s image
  • Our Lady: Asking the Blessed Mother to help us build more intimate relationships with her Son
  • Vocations: Discerning God’s unique plan for our lives 
  • Eucharist: Engaging the Real Presence of Jesus through Holy Communion and Adoration
  • Revealed Word: Seeking wisdom and enlightenment through the Word of God

Each member of our parish family is at a different stage of their faith journey, and we believe that incorporating the CLOVER principles into our daily lives will help us all become better versions of ourselves and strengthen our spiritual lives. We encourage you to spend the next year investing in yourself and your happiness by adding different elements of CLOVER to your regular routine. 

You can learn more about how to embrace CLOVER, wherever you may be along your path, by participating in the many ministries, sacraments and activities offered within our community.