Safe and Sacred

2013_FF_Protecting Gods ChildrenSafe and Sacred

Safe and Sacred is the name of the child protection program of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. This program replaces the Virtus program previously utilized by the Archdiocese.

 All NEW clergy, staff and volunteers must complete the Safe and Sacred Program BEFORE they begin their employment/ministry.  If you had already completed Virtus and submitted a background check prior to 8/1/2013 please re-certify in January 2014.   The program can be accessed by clicking here.  Please have your driver's license, social security number and the below email address with you when you begin the "Safe and Sacred" process online.

The last step of this process will ask you for an email address - this will get your information to St. Malachy!               


Thank you for your diligence - St. Malachy Parish is going to keep ALL children safe!

Circle of Grace

Circle of Grace Program identifies a child’s personal space where he/she should be comfortable. Should this space ever be compromised, the child should share with a “trusted” adult. As the VIRTUS Program is focused on how adults can protect children, the Circle of Grace program is geared towards the child’s view. Children in grades kindergarten through high school are made aware of the Circle of Grace program as part of the religious education curriculum.