Country Fair Team

2019 Country Fair Team Leaders

Beatrice Bursten - Chair

Rick Myers and Jenny Zeunik - Marketing

Mike Milner - Dinners and Food

Dave and Judy Gansert/Steve Gutzweiler - Casino 

Corinne Delucenay - Youth Games

Linda Osborn - Bingo

Jean McCorkhill/Jeanine Cooper - Instant Games

John and Jan Mullen - Churos

Mike Gossman - Parking

Angie Ryback/Vicki Schepers - Desserts

Brett Flora - Beer Tent Stage Area

Rebecca Fuson - Redemption Tent

Darin Odier - Ticket Tent

Jim Ryback - Pork Burgers

Dave Romie and Steve Gaylord - Fair Finances

Colie Williams - Decorations

Kathy Knies - Reverse Raffle

April Lam/Julie Myers - Silent Auction

Theresa Harvey - Beer Garden

Jim Yetter – Security

Beatrice Bursten – Entertainment

Doug Tapscott – Facilities

Mary Sloan – Corn 

Jenny Zeunik - Sponsorships/Volunteers

At Large Helpers:

Jim Murphy

Vasco Kirby

St. Malachy Staff