Middle School Literature with Mrs. Smith


Middle School Literature

Mrs. Smith


 Literature is a course designed to assist students in improving their communication, reading, and speaking skills and to motivate students to be lifelong readers and writers.

+ Grades

Grades are calculated on a total point basis.

+ ACC~Accelerated Reading

Students will take ACC quizzes each quarter to achieve their personal reading goal. The goal is a number of points earned from the ACC quizzes. These points will translate into one quarter grade. Students are required to read one FICTION book and one NONFICTION book each quarter. These tests can be taken during our weekly library time. All students who reach their goal in the quarter will earn a casual day pass.

+ Class Routines

*Novels and dramas read in class will be provided by St. Malachy School.

*Comprehension checks – some announced and some unannounced over previous assigned reading.

*Tests are announced a minimum of one week before test day. Check the test calendar regularly.

*Weekly information will be posted in the Monday Memo on the St. Malachy Blog.

+ Absences

* Check with me the day after your absence.  We will schedule a time to make up missing instruction, tests or quizzes.  It is your responsibility to meet with me and complete the missed work! 

+ Expectations

* All rules in the handbook apply in the classroom.

* Have a good attitude and try your best.

* Be respectful and responsible.

+ Goals for the Year

* Students will identify a variety of literary concepts by reading poetry, short stories, dramas, folktales, and novels. To practice skills learned, several novels will be read during the school year.

* Students will practice and use a strong vocabulary.

*Students will identify prefixes, suffixes and root words to increase their vocabulary.

* Students will write appropriate response to literature. 


Quarterly Reading Goals:       ACC Reading Requirements and Grading

Once Quarterly goals have been set, the Reading Challenge begins.

 All students are required to read at least one fiction and one nonfiction book and complete ACC quizzes over the books each quarter to be eligible for any of the reading rewards.


Individual reading goal will translate into a grade for the quarter worth 40 points. Any student, who meets his personal goal, will earn all 40 points for the quarter, translating into 40 out of 40 which is a 100%. Any student, who does not meet his personal goal, will earn credit for the percentage of his goal completed. For example: if a student’s goal is 24 points, and he earns 95% of his goal, his ACC quarter 1 grade would be a 38 out of 40 which is a 95%.


All students who meet their personal goal in a quarter receive a casual day pass from the library.

+ 100% above Goal- Students who exceed their goal by 100% or more may choose one of the following:

* Lunch ordered from an off campus site (purchased by student)

* Five points added to Lit. Grade

+ 75% above Goal- Students who exceed their goal by 75% or more may choose one of the following:

* An extra recess and three friends to join you

* Three points added to Lit. Grade

+ 50% above Goal- Students who exceed their goal by 50% or more may choose one of the following:

* Ice cream treats during lunch

*Lunch in the classroom with a friend

* Two points added to Lit. grade

+ 25% above Goal- Students who exceed their goal by 25% or more may choose one of the following:

* A soda during Lit. class

* An extra recess

* One point added to Lit grade


 Reading Goals have been created through the STAR data information based on each student’s reading strengths and weaknesses. To reach their goal, students should be reading 20 to 30 minutes a day.

*ACC Due Dates*

                  *ACC points will be evaluated for grades and rewards. 

                  *The due dates will be posted on the Middle School Calendar.


When the entire class meets their goals, the students will participate in a Drop Everything And Read  Activity.

Novels and Dramas

In addition to the classroom reading book, students will read and engage in supplementary novels and dramas. All of these materials are provided by St. Malachy School.

Listed below are the literary works for each grade level.

+ Novels and Dramas-8th Grade

To Kill a Mockingbird

Across Five Aprils

She Said Yes

Animal Farm

Diary of Anne Frank

A Midnight Summers Dream

+ Novels and Dramas-7th Grade

        The Outsiders

        The Giver

        Call It Courage

        Three Cups of Tea

        Monsters on Maple Street

        A Christmas Carol

+ Novels and Dramas-6th Grade

Heaven is For Real

Breaking Through

Number the Stars

The Wright 3

A Long Walk to Water

Phantom Tollbooth