Kindergarten is a daily full-time program at St. Malachy. Kindergarten is a part of the Primary Department, but is uniquely important in setting the stage for the continuum of each child’s faith development, as well as social/emotional and academic growth. The Kindergarten curriculum is aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards, and Archdiocesan Religion Standards.

Students receive a strong foundation in their faith by focusing on stewardship of God’s creation. Students learn about the life of Jesus, pray daily, participate in Mass, and are supported by and develop relationships with 5th grade student buddies. Each kindergarten class plans and leads a prayer service as well.

Kindergarten teachers use a balanced approach which nurtures individual growth. Opportunities are provided on a daily basis for teacher-directed learning, whole-group and small-group interaction, individual exploration and creative pursuits using hands-on activities, including movement. St. Malachy’s kindergarten students are well prepared for the rigors of first grade and enjoy a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Kindergarten students are also offered special classes in Computer/Library, Art, Physical Education, Music, and Spanish.

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