Our academic program is enriched with art, computer, music, physical education and Spanish (K-8).  The middle school students participate in health.  Our library has constant traffic be it our middle school students researching a topic or our younger students checking out books for pleasure.  

+ Health

Our middle school health education program focuses on physical, mental, and social health. The sixth grade curriculum consists of units on balanced healthy lifestyles, tobacco, nutrition, and fitness components. The seventh grade curriculum consists of units on personal health, nutrition and nutrients, convenience foods, consumer responsibility, and medicine / drug use. Continuing in eighth grade health, students complete an alcohol unit which focuses on use, misuse, and abuse of alcohol along with refusal skills and consequences. Eighth grade students then begin eight in depth mini-units of the eight body systems with each focusing on parts, functions, problems and care of each system.

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+ Music

The Music curriculum at St. Malachy School is based on the Indiana standards for music, and incorporates the Orff-Schulwerk and Kodaly methods of teaching, These methods provide a multi-dimensional approach to teaching the whole child – helping the students to develop basic skills in music, while engaging them in creative activities of discovery, performance, improvisation and composition. Our students are given opportunities to explore and express music through speech, singing, movement, listening, and playing instruments. St. Malachy students learn to play a variety of instruments including, various un-pitched percussion, xylophones, glockenspiels, soprano recorder, and hand chimes. Students are also introduced to famous composers and their music, as well as to the names and sounds of instruments.

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+ Technology

Computer application classes are taught once a week to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Younger students use KidPix, a program designed for their age level. Students in grades two through eight use Microsoft Office programs including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Other computer classes include keyboarding and web design.

Technology is an essential component in our middle school classes as students work in Google Documents, Presentations, and Worksheets. Several other online learning environments are used including Moodle, Edmodo, ALEKS, and Quia.

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+ Spanish

Spanish is taught to students in kindergarten through eighth grades. Kindergarten through second grade students enjoy Spanish once a week for thirty minutes. Third grade through eighth grade students participate in Spanish class for 40 minutes twice a week. Students in the early grades are taught through a whole language approach. Older students analyze Spanish in order to comprehend, speak, read, and write in Spanish. If needed, students transferring into St. Malachy can receive extra help during the school day or after school in order to assist with transitioning into Spanish class.

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+ Art

Students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade have art twice a week. The elements of art and composition are emphasized in a “studio art” environment. The state standards for visual arts are the basis for lessons that include the strengthening of fine motor skills, exposure to many techniques and media, art history, essay writing, and cross-curricular assignments.

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+ Library

The Saint Malachy School library strives to support the mission of our school by coaching students to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information resources and by fostering their love of reading. Students in grades K–5 come to the library and computer lab for a joint class period each week where they learn computer and library skills and research strategies. Students also have an opportunity to check out library books each week. Middle School students do not come to the library or computer lab for a class period, but they do have a designated time to check out books each week and are encouraged to use both the library and the computer lab for research and study. We also use the Accelerated Reader program to encourage and monitor students’ independent reading practice for grades 1–8. In this program, students take short comprehension quizzes on books they have read to earn points toward their individual goal.

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+ PE

Our Elementary Grades' Physical Education program focuses on lifelong activity and fitness, skill and strategy development, development of sportsmanship and enjoyment of being active. Our emphasis is “Do your best and make yourself better every day!” The kindergarten through second grade curriculum consists of gross motor movements including running, jumping, skipping, hopping, galloping, etc., as well as body control, strength, balance, and coordination. Other skills taught include teamwork, sportsmanship, and literacy skills in physical education. Continuing in grades three, four, and five, students learn sport specific skills, fitness activities and participate in cooperative/challenge games.

Middle school Physical Education is taught twice a week. We cover lifelong activities of basketball and volleyball as well as floor hockey, dance, gymnastics and tennis with a mixture of fun games worked in between the major units. The students participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program and work on improving their fitness level throughout the year. The students keep a journal which includes personal goals and game rules as well as notes and research.

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