Academic Extra-Curricular

St. Malachy Parish School is proud to offer a wide range of academic extra-curricular activities. From deanery to statewide competitions, students from fifth through eighth grades are invited to demonstrate their skills in a diverse range of curricular areas.


+ Academic Challenge

Academic Challenge is a group competition between the West Deanery Catholic Schools that is held at Cardinal Ritter HS. Team tryouts are usually held before Christmas break and the six week competition begins in February on Tuesdays at 4 or 4:30 pm. The students practice with the “buzzers” with past questions. The schools compete for the coveted “Brain” trophy.

+ Academic Olympics

Academic Olympics is sponsored by Cathedral High School. The competition encompasses many subject areas including math, science, literature, sports, current events, grammar, and social studies. St. Malachy enters a team of 7 students who are chosen by a qualifying test that encompasses all content of these areas. Cathedral holds this competition each fall. Our team begins meeting twice a week and progresses in the competition rounds until they are eliminated or reach the championship.

+ Junior Academic Super Bowl

The Junior Academic Super Bowl is hosted each year by the Indiana Association of School Principals. The competition focuses on one topic of study, such as Ancient Greece or Westward Expansion. Each participating school has five teams: history, math, science, English, and interdisciplinary with a maximum of 24 members on the squad. Students meet on a weekly basis with the subject coach during second semester. The competition typically takes place on the last Saturday of April and consists of 25 multiple choice question answered by each subject group.

+ Spell Bowl

Spell Bowl is also sponsored by the Indiana Association of School Principals. The team will be made up of 8 students with up to 8 alternates who will participate in the district competition each fall. The competition consists of eight rounds with each round having nine words for the individual team member to spell correctly. The team meets throughout the wall to practice possible words from a list published by IASP.

+ State Spanish Competition

The State Spanish Competition takes place in March. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 can participate. Practices begin in January. The students practice once a week after school. The rest of the practice or preparation takes place at home. This is a state competition, not a CYO competition. There are 17 different competitions that students can participate in such as pinata, poster, vocabulary bee, scrambled sentences, spelling bee, impromptu speaking, grammar, and others. Each school is only allowed to enter only 2 or 3 students in each competition. Students who have participated in the State Spanish Competition get to sign up first. Then, 8th graders, 7th graders, and lastly 6th graders are invited to participate on the team.